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Portrait Wooden Photo Urn $95
Optional extra: Pet's paw prints on top $45

portrait urn 23.jpg

Plaque engraving details: Includes 3 lines of text, 5 words per line approx. $5 extra for every extra line.

Please text photo to 0481 320 045 or email to

Optional extra to add to box: Pet's paw print/s in vinyl on top $45

portrait urn with blue vinyl paws on top  2.PNG
portrait urn with blue vinyl paws on top.jpg

Vinyl colour swatches

We take your Pet's paw print and then have it cut out in a vinyl adhesive and stuck to top of box.

Depending on your Pet's paw size, we can put 1-2 paw prints on top (Extra Large dog breeds like Great Dane paw would only fit 1 print).

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