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Windsong Memorial $190
optional extra: ashes pendant $70 - (to hold small portion of ashes within chime)

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Colour options: Blush, Blue, Bronze, Champagne & Gunmetal.

Mood: Calmness & relaxing

Tuning: C Pentatonic

Hanging Length: 78cm

Pipes: 5 fluted organ pipes of 20 mm diameter


Includes your Pet's name engraved on hanging wood piece at bottom of chime, with on one of the selected engraving templates (below).

Tuned to a C pentatonic musical scale, the Willow wind chime plays relaxing Eastern melodies and enjoys all the distinctive design features of our larger chimes.

It's a gentle chime that won't impose, rather it provides an infinite variety of delicate melodies, making it a wonderful gift for a loved one who may be celebrating an occasion or perhaps experiencing a tough time.

Timbers used from the Australian wilderness because they are naturally imperfect. Rarely are two chimes the same as the wood grain varies, some will have knots and even signs of old termite presence! Sometimes we use wood filler to hide small imperfections, we consider this normal and it doesn't impact the integrity of the chime.

Made to order: approx. 7 days.


optional extra: ashes pendant $70 - (to hold small portion of ashes within chime, at top of windchime)

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