Standard Package included in cremation price if no urn is purchased - your choice of either:
Cardboard gift box     or     Cardboard Scatter Tube

scatter tube label.png

Ash Vessels & Memorabilia 

Urns ~ Wooden Box Vessels ~ Pendants ~ Cremation Jewellery ~ Glass Items

Portrait Wooden Photo Urn $80


Includes plaque with up to 3 lines of text (5 words max per line) $5 for any extra lines.

Please email or text the photo you would like in the urn to:

0481320045 or


IMG-0619 (1).PNG

Biodegradable Urns
Small $45           Large $65


Capacity: 0.4 Lt                           Capacity: 3.1 Lt

Pets under 25kg                          Pets over 25kg

Patterns: Cherry blossom or Fern.

cherry blossom urn - $35.jpg
fern urn $35.jpg


These biodegradable urns are perfect if you would like to bury your pets ashes, for example under your favourite tree. They are environmentally friendly and your Pet will eventually go back into our ecosystem once the urn has biodegraded.

White Urn $70

white ceramic urn.JPG.png

Optional extra's to add to white urn 

Add your Pet's paw print to urn $40                      

personalise paw urn.jpg

We will take prints of your Pet’s paw print so they will be forever captured & transferred onto a white urn. This urn also includes your Pet’s name.

Colours available:

  • Gold

  • Black

  • Pink

  • Blue

  • Grey

Optional extra's to add to white urn
Engraved name & date tag $25

IMG_4650 (1).JPG

Heart shape name & date tag colours:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Mauve

  • Silver with diamontes

  • silver 

disc shape heart tag:

  • silver

Personalised Photo Memorial Box $130


This beautiful box with high gloss permanently printed photo of your pet and personalised inscription on ceramic tile insert make the perfect vessel for lying to rest your beloved pet’s ashes.

Name & date plate included.

Size: 18x18x9cm (fits 15x15cm tile). 

Coloured Small Keepsake Urns $50
Optional extra: Name & date heart tag $25

These urns are the perfect size for tiny pets eg Guinea-pig/Rat/Budgie.

Keepsake urns are also the perfect option if you would like to:

  • keep a small portion of your Pet’s ashes and choose to scatter the rest some place special

  • You want to split ashes between people/children or

  • You want to keep part of your pet in separate places eg at home/in the car/at work.

Size: Keepsake 3" x 2"
Holds up to 3cu.
Features hand-painted swirls with engraved borders


  • Pale blue

  • Yellow

  • Pink


Heart name & date tag colours:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Mauve

  • Silver

  • Silver with diamontes

  • Silver - disc shape tag

Pink or Blue Enamel  Urn $95



Heart shape tag colours available:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Mauve

  • Silver

  • Silver with diamontes

Disc shape tag:

  • Silver

We take your Pets paw print and have it cut out in silver vinyl and added to urn, as well as name. 

Heart Name & Date Tag $25

Pet's Paw Print & Name on urn $40

Please note the shades of pink/blue may vary slightly from photo. 

Optional extras:

blue urn with paws.JPG

Lasting Impression Photo Frame Urn $255

The lasting Impression Photo Frame + urn includes two clay mould impressions of your beloved pets paw prints next to a 5 x 7" photo there is also an urn for the storage of ashes discretely housed within the frame behind the photo which is accessed from the back.

Presented in a contemporary black frame the total size is 45cm x 35cm. The frame can easily be hung on a wall or displayed on a shelf or other flat surface.

Can fit ashes of Pet’s up to approx. 35kg.

lasting impressions.png

Garden Urn
Rockface sandstone $315   
Black granite $295   
Smooth sandstone $275

garden urns.jpg

Graphics to choose from for urn (1 only)


Aussie Wood Box $65


Photo of the X-Large & and Medium size. 

This urn is made from Australian timber, in Australia (which it is very rare to find cremation urns that are Australian made). 
These urns come in either the teak stain or white.
Available in 4 sizes, we will choose the most suitable size to fit your pet ashes, unless you request a specific size.

You can add a frame/your pets paw prints and name in vinyl and/or a plaque to the Aussie box, see below photos and additional fees.

Optional extra's added to Aussie Box

Photo needs to be a landscape orientation photo. 

Email or text chosen photo to:

0481320045   or

Frame $20                                    

IMG-3742 (1).JPG
IMG-3745 (1).jpg

Paw prints and name $40

We will take your Pet's paw print and have them made into a vinyl cut out.

Includes Name and paw prints (only)

Vinyl colours are: Pink, Black, Blue or Gold. 



Gold rectangle $25

Gold oval $40

Black rectangle $40


Plaques include 3 lines, 5 words per line. $5 for any additional lines of wording.

Can include a paw or heart symbol. 

Plaque sizes:

Gold rectangle: 7cm x 2cm

Gold oval:7.5cm x 4.5cm

Black rectangle: 10cm x 5cm

Please advise if you would like it on top or on front of box.

IMG-3750 (1).JPG

Cat statue urn $90

Dimensions: 225mm x 115mm x 61mm Capacity: 200ml This urn contains your Pets ashes inside. Made from brass.

Dark grey charcoal gloss finish.

Name and date heart tag colours:

blue, mauve, pink, black, silver or

silver with diamontes. 

7700 (1).jpg

Optional name & date tag $25

cat urn with tag.JPG
IMG-0341 (1).jpg

Cremation  Pendant $40

cremation jewlery.jpg

Some of your Pet’s ashes will be placed in the pendant you choose so you can have a keepsake of your pet forever.

All pendants are made from stainless steel.

Options available are:

🐾 Cross

🐾 Tube

🐾 Silver heart

🐾 Black heart

🐾 Silver paw print heart

🐾 Gold paw print heart

Optional extra: name engraving $25

(black heart cannot be engraved)

Memorial Glass Dome $175


Spiral pattern

1. yellow

2. amethyst



2 colour combinations (spiral pattern)

1. lime green & emerald green

2. Sky blue & amethyst



Galaxy Pattern

1. black

2. pink


Approx 7cm wide x 8cm high

Memorial Domes are discrete and beautiful objects of personal significance.

Quality handmade glass memorial dome that incorporates your loved ones ashes.

We send a small portion of your Pets ashes to the Memorial Glass team (based in Healesville, Victoria) who then handmake a glass memorial dome using your Pets ashes. Please allow around 3-4 weeks for your Pet's memorial dome to be specially made for you. (Memorial Glass have a close down each February so will take longer in the month of February).

Patterns available:

Galaxy & Spiral.

Dome colours are available in single colour or two colours.


Colours available:

Two colour combination options:

  • amber & orange

  • black & white

  • cobalt blue & emerald green

  • emerald green & lime green

  • lime green & pink

  • sky blue & amethyst

  • sky blue & cobalt blue

  • sky blue & pink

  • cobalt blue & pink

  • orange & yellow

  • sky blue & emerald green

Comfort Stone $120

amethyst comfort stone.png

Approx. 4cm wide x 1.5cm deep.

Small and tactile, these beautiful cremation keepsakes act as a touchstone for love and memory. 

They invoke the warmth and presence of loved ones, which is why we call them Comfort Stones.

Comfort Stones are designed to keep on your person, to touch and caress and to bring comfort in times of need. Like meditation beads, they provide a serene point of focus in times of stress or anxiety.

The ashes are a white effervescent presence in the piece.

We send a small portion of your Pets ashes to the Memorial Glass team (based in Healesville, Victoria) who then handmake a glass memorial comfort stone using your Pets ashes. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your Pet's memorial comfort stone to be specially made for you. (Memorial Glass have a close down each February so will take longer in the month of February).




                           Colours available:



Your Pet's paw print on keyring $225

Your Pet's paw print and name is etched into the tag that is attached to a keyring chain.

Approx  size of a 20c piece.

The tag is made from silver.

Please allow 3 weeks for this specially handcrafted item.


Silver personalised paw necklace
Small $245        Large $260

Size of 10cent piece

Size of 20cent piece


Your Pet's paw print and name is etched into the pure silver disc that is attached to a 50cm sterling silver chain.

Please allow 3 weeks for this specially handcrafted item.

Eternal Sandstone Candle Holder $120

Optional extra: Ashes Receptacle to hold small portion of ashes $70


The sandstone pillar candles make the perfect eternal memorial candle. Carved from a single piece of natural Australian sandstone every candle is unique and as individual as you beloved pet.

Australians have had a long affinity with sandstone and no wonder, it exudes a warmth and style that only natural stone can convey and will compliment any interior or outdoor setting. Being able to replace the tea light make these memorial candles a practical and contemporary take on a popular memorialisation option.

Engraving includes Name, years and graphic.

Optional extra is a Ashes Receptacle. This is a small insert that goes inside the candle to hold a small portion of your Pet's ashes.


Available graphics: