Urn Range

Portrait Wooden Photo Urn $80


Includes plaque with up to 3 lines of text (5 words max per line) $5 for any extra lines.


Biodegradable Urns

Small $45           Large $65


Capacity: 0.4 Lt                           Capacity: 3.1 Lt

Pets under 25kg                          Pets over 25kg

Patterns: Cherry blossom or Fern.


These biodegradable urns are perfect if you would like to bury your pets ashes, for example under your favourite tree. They are environmentally friendly and your Pet will eventually go back into our ecosystem once the urn has biodegraded.

White Urn $70


Small: Pets under 20kg 

Medium: Pets 21-45kg

Large: Pets 46+kg

Optional extra's to add to white urn 

Add your Pet's paw print to urn $40                      

We will take prints of your Pet’s paw print so they will be forever captured & transferred onto a white urn. This urn also includes your Pet’s name.

Colours available:

  • Gold

  • Black

  • Pink

  • Blue

  • Grey

Optional extra's to add to white urn

Engraved name & date tag $25

Heart name & date tag colours:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Mauve

  • Silver with diamontes.

Personalised Photo Memorial Box $120

This beautiful box with high gloss permanently printed photo of your pet and personalised inscription on ceramic tile insert make the perfect vessel for lying to rest your beloved pet’s ashes.

Name & date plate included.

Size: 18x18x9cm (fits 15x15cm tile). 

Coloured Small Keepsake Urns $50

These urns are the perfect size for tiny pets eg Guinea-pig/Rat/Budgie.

Keepsake urns are also the perfect option if you would like to:

  • keep a small portion of your Pet’s ashes and choose to scatter the rest some place special

  • You want to split ashes between people/children or

  • You want to keep part of your pet in separate places eg at home/in the car/at work.

Size: Keepsake 3" x 2"
Holds up to 3cu.
Features hand-painted swirls with engraved borders


  • Pale blue

  • Yellow

  • Pink

Pink or Blue Enamel  Urn $95

Optional extras:

Name & date tag $25

Your pets paw print & name on urn $40

This urn comes in 3 sizes, we will choose the most suitable size to fit your Pet's ashes.

Metal Paw Print Urn $70

Small 6"- fit ashes of a pet under 20kg

Medium 7"- ashes of a pet 20-40kg

Large 8" - ashes of a pet 40-80kg

Optional extras:

Engraving on urn: $30

Name & date tag: $25

Garden Urn

Rockface sandstone $315   

Black granite $295   

Smooth sandstone $275

Graphics to choose from for urn (1 only)

Aussie Wood Urn $65

Photo of the X-Large & and Medium size. 

This urn is made from Australian timber, in Australia (which it is very rare to find cremation urns that are Australian made). 

These urns come in either the teak stain or white.

Available in 4 sizes, we will choose the most suitable size to fit your pet ashes, unless you request a specific size.

Optional extras:

Frame $20

Your pets paw prints & name $40

(in vinyl- available in blue, grey, silver, gold, pink or black)

Plaque (3 lines) $25