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Memorial Glass Dome $210


Spiral pattern

1. yellow

2. amethyst



2 colour combinations (spiral pattern)

1. lime green & emerald green

2. Sky blue & amethyst


Approx 7cm wide x 8cm high

Memorial Domes are discrete and beautiful objects of personal significance.

Quality handmade glass memorial dome that incorporates your loved ones ashes.

We send a small portion of your Pets ashes to the Memorial Glass team (based in Healesville, Victoria) who then handmake a glass memorial dome using your Pets ashes. Please allow around 4-6 weeks for your Pet's memorial dome to be specially made for you. Please note as each piece is handmade and unique the outcome will vary in each piece made, with variances in dome. 

Patterns available:

Galaxy & Spiral.

Dome colours are available in single colour or two colours.


Colours available:


Galaxy Pattern

1. black

2. pink

3. amber



Two colour combination options:

  • amber & orange

  • black & white

  • cobalt blue & emerald green

  • emerald green & lime green

  • lime green & pink

  • sky blue & amethyst

  • sky blue & cobalt blue

  • sky blue & pink

  • cobalt blue & pink

  • orange & yellow

  • sky blue & emerald green

  • amber & black

Optional extra: add 23ct gold leaf to dome $20


All Galaxy Pattern

1. pink & gold leaf

2. black & gold leaf

3. sky blue, emerald green & gold leaf


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