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Tips for leading up to the death of your pet &

coping with the loss of your pet

Pets bring companionship, joy, love and a sense of feeling needed and important. Pets can keep you fit and social and help you to overcome challenges in life. When a pet passes It is completely normal and acceptable to feel an intense grief over the loss of your pet. Pet’s can be another beloved member of your family so grieving deeply is something you should never feel is ‘silly’, ‘over the top’ or ashamed of, so do not let yourself or someone else make you feel that way.


Some ways that can help you and your family to deal and heal with the loss of you pet are below;


Before you Pet’s death

  • Spend as much time with your pet as possible, making him/her feel loved and just cherishing your pets lasts months/weeks/days of their precious life.

  • Take plenty of photos for you to be able to reflect and remember your pet by.

  • Taking a paw print and lock of hair is something special that you can treasure and always have – a part of your pet forever.

  • Talk to you Vet – Asking your Vet about your Pet’s pain level and quality of life will help ease your pain at the prospect of having to put your pet down and help you to understand that you are making the decision for the best. You should also consider getting a second opinion from another vet to be sure.

  • Research the options in your local area of euthanasia, pet cremation services and pet cemeteries so when it comes time to when your pet passes away you do not have to cope with the extra burden of making decisions regarding your pets remains.  

  • When it comes to finding the perfect time for euthanasia, remember "A week too early is better than a day too late."  Your pet's quality of life should be the most important factor when trying to make the decision of when the time is right.


After your Pet has passed away

  • Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel.
    Dealing with grief is a very personal thing and we all deal with grief differently.

  • Understand that it is ok to feel intense grief and that it is ok to cry

  • Don’t compare your grief to how others are grieving

  • Reach out to others. Talking to others about your feelings and about the good memories of your pet can help you to feel an emotional release

  • Seek professional help if needed from a doctor or speak to a counselor for some extra support.

  • Hold a funeral or special ceremony for your pet. This can include burial or spreading of your pets ashes, or even just the people who were part of your pets life, all gathering to support each other. There are some nice pet quotes and prayers on the Pet Poems, Quotes and Prayer page that you can use during your ceremony;

  • Journal about your pet and your feelings

  • If you have other pet’s, try to give them some extra attention and love. Pets experience loss and grief as well.

  • Look after yourself. When you grieve your body will be under stress so try to give your body some extra support by eating healthy and exercising, which will also release endorphin's and lift your mood.

  • Stay connected with friends and family

  • Create a legacy for your pet. Ideas for creating a legacy are:

  • Create an alter/shrine/space in your home where you could have any of the following items- photo, lock of hair, pet paw print, toys, the pets collar and pet ashes.

  • Plant a tree or a plant in memory of your pet

  • Have your pets details put on to a pet memorial website (we have a free pet memorial page on our website dedicated to people’s deceased pets – you can submit a photo and blurb on your beloved pet to: to have you pets memorial placed on the Memorial Page)

  • Compiling a photo album or scrap book

  • Reading pet loss poems, quotes and prayers can help you to be able to grieve and release some of your emotions (check out our page on Pet Loss Poems, Quote & Prayers –

  • Writing all up your favorite memories of your pet in a journal, which you can always have to reflect on


I hope this article can help with your loss. Know that there is no normal amount of time that it takes to grieve and get over the loss of your pet. Be gentle with yourself and accept that grieving takes time.


By Meeghan Grimison


~It is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all~

Information on Children and Pet Loss

The link below provides information on:

  • Sharing the News and the Grief with children

  • Helping Your Child Cope

  • Sticking to the Truth

  • Moving On

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