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Our Service is provided by compassionate, kind and caring staff who are animal lovers. We take great care of every beloved Pet that we are intrusted with. We are dedicated to easing our customers grief with our caring and professional service. We assure you that your precious Pet will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

We have two cremation options available:

Individual cremation - this means only one pet is in the cremation chamber at one time. This is something alot of people ask and want reasurance of - we gurantee that no other Pets will be cremated with your Pet. We thoroughly clean out the cremator chamber to make sure every single piece of your Pets ashes is returned to you, and so that the chamber is clean for the next Pet.

Communal friendship cremation: 

With communal cremation Pet's are cremated together with other pets. We then scatter the ashes together at a private property located in nature on Masrhalls creek, Wagga Wagga. 



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Questions & Facts
How do I arrange a pet cremation? 

For collections from your home or most Vet Clinics you can book online here, or give us a call on 0481320045 to arrange.

For Pet Cremations to be collected from Lynne Bodell Vet Clinic, Gundagai Vet or Tumut Vet Clinic, please contact them directly to arrange. 

How long until I will receive my Pet's ashes back?

For Wagga clients, please allow 5 business days for the return of your Pets ashes, from when full payment has been made.

For Pet's that are collected from Vet Clinics outside Wagga, your pet will be returned to the clinic at the end of the following week from when we collect your pet. We make one weekly trip to vet clinics outside Wagga - usually on Tuesday for most clinics outside Wagga, except

Adelong, Tumut and Tumbarumba, the trip is on a Thursday.  

If you order a personalised keepsake item (eg glass stone or dome, paw necklace or keytag, riverstone etc) we will return your Pet's ashes (to where we collected your pet from) in 5 days and then will return the specially made item separately, so you do not have to wait extra time for your Pet's ashes. 

Certain specially made urns can take longer, the timeframe if it is longer then the standard 5 days will be included in the items description (on Urns & Memorabillia page)

How does our Pet get to you?

We can pick up from your home if you are based in Wagga Wagga, or from your local veterinary clinic.

If you are based outside Wagga then we will collect your Pet from your local vet clinic, or we can collect from your home - only if you can keep your pet in a freezer until we can collect them. 

What towns can you travel to?

We do one weekly trip per week to surrounding towns outside of Wagga to collect from Vet Clinics. This trip is usually on a Wednesday.

We travel to:

  • Adelong 

  • Boorowa 

  • Cootamundra

  • Cowra 

  • Gundagai 

  • Griffith 

  • Forbes

  • Leeton 

  • Narrandera 

  • Temora 

  • Tumbarumba 

  • Tumut 

  • West Wyalong 

  • Young

How do you ensure that the ashes I receive back are my pets?

We have a strict identification process that follows your pet through the entire cremation process. When we collect your pet from your home your pet will be placed in a special cremation bag that will have your pets identification secured to the bag. When your pet is cremated the tag is transferred to the machine, and the tag then stays with your pet until the ashes have been placed into the chosen vessel. There are also spreadsheet and forms that are filled out on our end throughout the process to ensure no mix up can occur.

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