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Standard Package included in cremation price if no urn is purchased - your choice of either:

1. Standard box
Ashes are in a plastic ziplock bag, then placed inside a velvet pouch that is then placed inside the cardbox box. Includes a name label and ribbon wrapped around box.


2. Scatter tube
Ashes will be loose inside the cardboard scatter tube. includes name label and ribbon wraped around the tube. 


scatter tube label.png

Ash Vessels & Memorabilia 

Urns ~ Wooden Box Vessels ~ Pendants ~ Cremation Jewellery ~ Glass Items
Garden Plaques ~ Pet Garden Statues ~ Garden Stones

Glass domes cremation ashes
comfort stones.png
paw print keychain.png
silver necklace.png
black urn.jpg
white urn.jpg
paw cast.jpg
white timber box.jpg
teak box.jpg
cat statue urn.jpg
grey metal urn.png
portrait urn.jpg
blue urn.jpg
pink urn.jpg
sandstone candle.jpg
bio urns.png
teddy bear.jpg
lasting impressions.jpg
Rockface sandstone urn.jpg
granite urn.jpg
smooth sandstone urn.jpg
tumbled rivertstone.jpg
Plant pot memorial.jpg
Forever paw in stone.jpg
cat garden statue.jpg
dog statue.jpg
windchime website.jpg
photo plaque on stone or paver.jpg
garden stake.jpg
black plaque on stone or paver.png
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