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Paw Cast $65
Optional extra: display case $40 (total $105)



We take an impression of your Pet's paw print in the clay mould.
Measurement of the paw cast is 7cm wide x 10cm tall, so extra large dog breeds e.g. great dane, paw may not fit.
Please note we always try our best to centre the paw in the cast, but it can be difficult to have perfectly centered so please keep this in mind.
Please request your vet does not take a paw print off your Pet if you would like one of these (as the paint remnants will transfer from paw onto white clay).
Display Case Information:
Impression of your Pet's paw, presented in an attractive display case made from faux black leather that can hold a photo.
Please email a photo of your Pet to us and we will print and put the photo in the display case for you.


paw cast.png
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