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Forever paw in Stone
1 paw print $180
2 paw prints $205
(small-med pets only)
Optional extra: cremation receptacle $87

forever paw in stone.png
Forever paw in stone 1.png
forever paw in stone 2.png

Size: 20x20cm

Your pets paw print will be deeply engraved onto the sandstone which provides an attractive ever-lasting physical bond between you and your pet. The stone is suitable for display in your home or outdoors. There is room to include your pets names, paw engraving and years. 

The Forever in Stone Paw Pet is a terrific and memorable way to immortalise your pets paws at any age and is popular with pups and life long companions as well.

Made to order—approx. 3-4 weeks.

Optional extra is a Ashes Receptacle $87 This is a small insert that goes inside the back of the plaque to hold a small portion keepsake of your Pet's ashes.

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