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Comfort Stone $145
dditional extra option: 23 ct gold leaf $15

Approx. 4cm wide x 1.5cm deep.

Small and tactile, these beautiful cremation keepsakes act as a touchstone for love and memory. 

They invoke the warmth and presence of loved ones, which is why we call them Comfort Stones.

Comfort Stones are designed to keep on your person, to touch and caress and to bring comfort in times of need. Like meditation beads, they provide a serene point of focus in times of stress or anxiety.

The ashes are a white effervescent presence in the piece.

We send a small portion of your Pets ashes to the Memorial Glass team (based in Healesville, Victoria) who then handmake a glass memorial comfort stone using your Pets ashes. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your Pet's memorial comfort stone to be specially made for you. Please note as each piece is handmade and unique the outcome will vary in each piece made, with variances in stone.




                           Colours available:


Two colour combination options:

  • amber & orange

  • black & white

  • cobalt blue & emerald green

  • emerald green & lime green

  • lime green & pink

  • sky blue & amethyst

  • sky blue & cobalt blue

  • sky blue & pink

  • cobalt blue & pink

  • orange & yellow

  • sky blue & emerald green

  • amber & black

comfort stone amethyst.png


Comfort Stone - Sky & Cobalt Blue.jpg

sky blue & cobalt


cobalt & amethyst

Comfort-Stone-Amethyst-with-23ct-Gold (1).webp

amethyst + gold leaf


Sky blue & emerald green + gold leaf

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