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Eternal Sandstone Candle Holder $125

Optional extra: Ashes Receptacle to hold small portion of ashes $87


The sandstone pillar candles make the perfect eternal memorial candle. Carved from a single piece of natural Australian sandstone every candle is unique and as individual as you beloved pet.

Australians have had a long affinity with sandstone and no wonder, it exudes a warmth and style that only natural stone can convey and will compliment any interior or outdoor setting. Being able to replace the tea light make these memorial candles a practical and contemporary take on a popular memorialisation option.

Engraving includes Name, years and graphic.

Optional extra is a Ashes Receptacle. This is a small insert that goes inside the candle to hold a small portion of your Pet's ashes.

Made to order. Approx. 3-5 weeks.

(we can return your Pet's ashes separately if you wish and then you receive the sandstone candle later when it is ready). 


Available graphics:

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