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Individual cremation means that it is only your pet that is in the cremation chamber and cremated at a time. You will receive all of your pets cremated remains back in the ash vessel of your choice.

You can also opt for a paw print and lock of hair (at no extra cost). Please note there are certain conditions that we will not take a paw print or lock of hair (see bottom of page for information).


Individual Pet Cremation Fees

under 1kg      $180 (budgie, guinea pig, rat etc)

1kg - 10kg      $295 (cats fall under this price range)

11 - 24kg        $330

25 - 39kg        $355

40 - 60kg        $400

61kg +            $435

Additional surcharges:

Travel Fee (outside Wagga):

Adelong: $20

Boorowa: $70

Cootamundra: $40

Corowa (Federation Vet): $40

Cowra: $40

Forbes: $40

Griffith: $40

Gundagai: $20

Holbrook: $100

Leeton: $40

Temora: $40

Tumbarumba: $60 

Uranquinty: $25

West Wyalong: $40

Young: $40

Standard Individual Cremation Package Includes ashes returned in your choice of either:






1. Box with name label on top. 

made from cardboard.

2. Scatter tube - made from cardboard. (colour varies dependent on available stock).

scatter tube label.png

We also have urns/wooden boxes & other mementos available as an additional cost. You can view our memorial products that are available for purchase on our urns page.

Payment Information


Payment Options:

  • Eftpos - visa or mastercard (pay over the phone or online)

  • Zip Pay 

  • ​Direct deposit (bank details below)

Bank details for direct deposit:
Account name: Cherished memories
BSB: 082842
Account no: 440735510

Payment Plan information:
We understand the usually unexpected financial strain loosing a cherished Pet can be. We offer payment plans to our customers if needed.
We require $100 payment upfront for us to collect your Pet, then we will keep your Pet safe with us until you have paid off the remaining balance. Please note your Pets cremation will be scheduled once the balance in full has been paid. Memorial items will be ordered once balance has been paid.

The balance is to be paid within 30 days. 

Alternatively you can pay using Zip Pay to avoid any delays in receiving your Pet's ashes back.  

Payment plan is not available when your Pet is to be collected from  Lynne Bodell Vet Clinic or Tumut Vet Clinic, as payment for our service is to be made directly to them. in these instances, VetPay may be available through your Vet. 


ZIP Pay information: 

Click on the link below to view the simple step-by-step application process with ZIP pay:

Welcome | Zip Money

To arrange a pet cremation book online now



How long until my Pet will be ready?

Wagga based customers can expect your Pet's cremated remains to be ready in 5 business days from when we have collected your beloved Pet, received full payment and you have provided all memorial item details (eg engraving wording etc.)

For pickups outside of Wagga, we will collect your Pet usually on a Tuesday from your local vet clinic and have them returned by the end of the following week.

Some specially made memorial items may take longer for you to receive, if they take longer then this timeframe it will be included in the item details on the Urns & Memorabillia Page. If you order a glass dome/comfort stone or Riverstone, we will have your pet ready in the standard 5 days timeframe, and will just deliver the glass dome/stone or riverstone separately. 

Where will my Pets ashes be delivered to?

We will return your Pet's ashes to the place where we collected your Pet from. So if we collected your Pet from your local Vet clinic, this is where you will collect them back from. You will be notified once your Pet is ready to be collected. 

If we collect your Pet from your home, we will contact you to arrange a time for us to drop your Pet home (once they are ready).

Paw print or Lock of hair conditions:

We are happy to provide you with 1 paw print and 1 lock of hair (at no additional cost). There are certain circumstances when we will not be able to collect:

  • Pet had an infectious disease - eg parvo or staph.

  • Pet's body underwent an autopsy

  • Pet passed away at home and we were not contacted same day - within hours (eg a pet passing first thing in  the morning and then we are not contacted until end of the day - this is because the body will have started to begin the decomposition process)

  • Flea infestation

  • Body is in a bad state - eg mauled by an animal, runover, car accident, covered in dirt/mud/blood/feces, flys/maggots, started to smell, bloating. 

If your Pet passes away at home - Wagga Wagga:

If your beloved Pet passes away at home please contact us same day, within hours if possible. If your pet passes away at night, calling first thing in the morning is ok. It is important that we collect your Pet asap or that you keep their precious body in a freezer. We may refuse to collect your Pet if it has been passed away for longer than 24 hours and not stored correctly. This is because the body will start the decomposition process and becomes unpleasant to deal with. We have an after hours service available so if your Pet passes away on a weekend at home, you can still access our service.

If your Pet passes away at home - towns Outside Wagga Wagga:

If your beloved Pet passes away at home and you live in a town outside Wagga Wagga, please take your Pet into your local vet clinic for them to hold and appropriately store your Pet's precious body, until we can collect. If your Pet sadly passes away on a weekend, please utilise the vet clinics after hour service and take their body in to be held in cold storage (please do not wait until Monday to do so, as the Pets body will start to deteriorate, and this is unpleasant for all). If your Pet isn't taken in within 24 hours, we may refuse to accept the body. 


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